Dual Boot Question - Windows 7 Pro Drivers?

I own a Dell Inspiron laptop, purchased with a 500 Gig HD and Windows 7 Home Premium.  I've upgraded the hard drive to a 1 Terrabyte drive, had a sector copy of the hard drive, and then created a new partition with all the space.  I then loaded Windows 7 Professional into the new partition.

I then figured out that booting into the Restore partition will boot me into Home Premium, while booting into the new partition (which I called Win7Pro) boots me into Professional.  However, the Professional doesn't have all the drivers (wireless, display, etc.) that I'm used to with Home.

When I go to Dell's website, it claims that there are no drivers to download.

So, here's my question.  Are the drivers on the CD that came with the system valid for Windows 7 Professional?  If so, how do I install them?  Is there some sort of automatic installation routine, or do I have to install each driver separately?  Help...

If the drivers on the CD aren't compatible with Windows 7 Professional, where can I get the correct drivers?


(Why do I have Professional running as well has Home?  Home is for my "normal" computing, while the other sector is supposed to be my playground for learning new technology.  Right now I'm trying to learn SharePoint 2010, which will run on Professional as well as Server.  Once I'm happy with my SharePoint knowledge, I may want to play with Windows 8.  By running all of this in a separate partition, I shouldn't screw up my normal computing system.)

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Re: Dual Boot Question - Windows 7 Pro Drivers?

All windows 7 drivers, professional and amateur... are the same, assuming the hardware is the same and architecture (x86 or x64) is the same.  Is the Windows 7 pro aq full retail version?

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