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Error 0x80070570 (80070570) installing Windows7 Beta1

When trying to install Windows7 Beta1 on Optiplex 755 (Bios Revision A11) I got this error during the "Expanding files" phase:

Windows cannot install required files. The file may be corrupt or missing. Make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation. Error code: 0x80070570

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Re: Error 0x80070570 (80070570) installing Windows7 Beta1

The error may say it all, corrupt or missing. Did you download the ISO file from Microsoft? The link below.


That is where i downloaded it and burned to a DVD.

XPS 410  Core2,  2.4 Ghz,   8Gb,  Win7 64

Latitude D610  XP pro,  Win7 RC

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Re: Error 0x80070570 (80070570) installing Windows7 Beta1

I downloaded the ISO file from MSDN Subscriptions, 3 times to discard it was a corrupted download, also the instalation went fine in another (non branded) PC with the same media.

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Re: Error 0x80070570 (80070570) installing Windows7 Beta1

Hi rramirezg, It seems your not alone with this error. See HERE. Anyway your better off taking that to the Microsoft Windows 7 forums, where you might get an answer.


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Re: Error 0x80070570 (80070570) installing Windows7 Beta1

I had the same problem on a dell 755 and its definitely not a dvd burning or win7 iso download problem.

Solution: Just completely install windows vista (any version) and after that insert windows7 dvd and choose clean install from vista desktop.... Voila !!

I think Its a hard disc issue (drivers maybe) or because dell keeps an "oem" basic patirion reserved.

Now i have win7 up and running emoticon.Yes.title

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Re: Error 0x80070570 (80070570) installing Windows7 Beta1

Hello All, I downloaded Win7 from Microaoft and used a USB flash drive to do a Win7 upgrade.

You need at least a 4 GB USB flash drive and use diskpart.exe to set the USB flash drive up.

Then xcopy all the Win7 files to the flash drive.

Run setup.exe from the flash drive and it will advise an upgrade is possible with Vista as the parent OS.

I performed this and it upgraded with all my applications intact and usable.

I fooled with it for a day or so and the went back to a Ghost image of the drive before the Win7 upgrade.

It all went extremely smoothly and without any issues at all.

Hope this helps.