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Hotmail Login

I hope this doesn't get too lengthy.


I have Qwest DSL with MSN Premium-MSN Explorer that I use. This allows me access to my hotmail inbox from the dashboard(and other things from the browser).


I have been trying to find an alternate way to get into my hotmail address in case I have a problem with MSN, or am away from my home computer and have been trying to use IE7. I am unable to get into anything, but windows live. I talked to a Qwest Tech yesterday and he told me to go to first tand them go to hotmail and it would work. WRONG!!! It didn't. When I try to go that way it brings me to a windows live screen. I can sign into that using my email address and password that I use for MSN Explorer. That gets me to Windows Live-account summary. At the top of that screen is a link to hotmail. When I click on that it brings me to another windows live sign in screen with a sign up for a new hotmail account on the left hand side of the screen and  a place to enter my hotmail address and password on the right hand side of the screen. When I enter my login ID and passoword I get the message that either my email address or password is incorrect. Please try over.


I don't understand this at all. I have tried from the browser line to get to and that won't work. I have tried to go to and then click on the hotmail link at the upper left hand corner of the screen and that gets me to the same log in screen that won't accept my email address and password. I have also tried to re-set my password to the same one I am using and that won't work either.


I have about given up. Can anyone help? Is there a way to get into hotmail any other way?


Thank you for any help.

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 Basic steps to follow for Hotmail Login - <Non-public info removed>, now known, as Outlook is a suit of mailed based on online web.

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