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How do you uninstall the Data Vault?

I have had my XPS 8500 for almost 4 years now. Recently on looking at my Reliability Monitor I see that there was an update from DELL that updated the Data Vault to version I don't really know what the Data Vault actually does and have never made use of it. However since this update I am now getting short pauses and glitches when watching videos or listening to music. On searching the net the culprit appears to be the Dell Data Vault hogging the system resources briefly. I cannot find the Data Vault in my programs list nor does searching for DellDataVault.exe throw up anything. But it is listed twice in services in the windows task manager and shown as running. So how can I uninstall it?



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   What it is, and the reason the Dell personell are so evasive about it is that it is a telemetry gathering, packaging, and delivery software device. It is meant for the most part to stay neatly tucked away almost hidden and certainly for most unnoticeable. Only with the ever increasing demand for the data they desire to collect and the unwillingness to allow you switches and controlls that they would have to expend extra resources on to do it correctly like Microsoft does. And what exactly and how exactly does the hardware end of things justify the need for that telemetry? Oh, and then there is the legality of an international user agreement to include. After all, they aren't trying to spy on you. They are just trying to spy on the normal and the abnormal operating algorithms of their hardware.. And since they built it, shouldn't they naturally have a right to aquire it??


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I uninstalled Dell apps one by one using Add/Remove programs and of course it was the last one "Dell SupportAssist". Once removed a whole suite of mysterious services disappeared from the task manager. I'm going to install updates manually in the future.

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