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Inspiron 5759: Failed BIOS Update, No UEFI, No Dell Recovery

I'm new to UEFI and after a failed BIOS update, I removed and completely reformatted the HDD on another machine, wiping out the UEFI partition. So now I cannot load Dell Recovery to re-flash/repair the BIOS.

I have completed all the steps for notebook computers as suggested on Dell Support here: BIOS Recovery 2 options on a Dell PC or Tablet (

I formatted a bootable external USB key with a copy of the BIOS package properly renamed as instructed. However, when I use the CTRL + Esc key combination and power up the computer, the system does not boot to Dell Recovery, but instead the power LED flashes a 3,3 code (3 amber flashes, 3 white flashes) which indicates "Recovery Image Not Found" according to the Dell Knowledge Base. I presume this code is given because it cannot find the Dell Recovery application since it (as well as the entire UEFI partition) is now gone after I reformatted the HDD.

So, I know what the problem is, I just don't know what to do at this point to fix it.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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