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Inspiron backup INP format files

I have just completed a backup of my laptop using DELL backup software that came preinstalled.  However I notice that the backup has created a ton of INP extension files under folder Profile 1.  What are INP files and is this a successful backup?  Thanks a million.:emotion-40:

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I too have just backed up a Dell 660 Desk top and also noticed about 3 GB of .inp files generated at that time into a folder called Profile1 in my "Documents" Folder.

I have no idea what they used for. I am hoping a Dell system person seeing this entry can respond. I am backing up all "documents folder items" on a DVD and this file, Profel1,  is taking up more than half my total DVD space.

To Dell or any system person with knowledge of Dell backup software:

1) Can I just delete this folder if I use my own DVD to back up my Data files in "documents" folder?

2) Will the backup flash drive still work for the Windows 8 system if this Profile1 file does not exist or is corrupt?

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I have a Dell Inspiron One 2330 and I too have a new folder named Profile1 in my Documents folder. It was created the same day I made my recovery thumb drive. Mine is 52 GB and contains ,inp files. In my case, I did not do a backup but the MyDell software says that I did. 

Could it be that these are backup files?
Can I move them to an external drive so that they do not get backed up by File History?

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