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Internet Explore/Outlook Express Problem

Have recently started having problem Outlook Express problem on my Dell dimension that runs xp SP2. When i click on the read mail icon on my Internet Explorer 6, outlook express appears and then after a couple of seconds disappears and goes back to my home page. If i click on outlook express shorcut on my desktop the same thing happens. Have checked firewall (running mcafee 2007 internet security suite) that allows outlook express. Outlook express also set as my default mail prog in internet explorer.
Am totally baffled by this and not sure how to fix. Just tried logging off and re-starting and 1st time i clicked to read e-mails it worked ok. I then closed internet explorer and when i opened it again and tried to read mails the problem was back again...
I am currently running complete virus scan and checking for spyware and would welcome advice/solutions. Hopefully someone has experienced similar problem and managed to overcome/resolve it.
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Re: Internet Explore/Outlook Express Problem

Do some reading Here
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