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Keyboard Problem/ code 19/ Vista

Hi, I have an Inspiron 521S with a
Windows Vista OS.

It was working perfectly for about a year now, then about one or two months ago I noticed that the keyboard stopped working. Every week or so I’d have to put the keyboard in a new USB port. When I ran out of ports that working, I bought a new keyboard (Microinnovations, model KB565BL). A few days ago my keyboard stopped working again, I tried other USB ports but they wouldn’t work. The Help and Support button on the start menu said to try installing updates. After doing so, my Belkin Wireless Adapter stopped working as well. When I looked at the Device Manager, I got the following error:

“Windows cannot start this hardware device because it's configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (code 19)”

I Googled this and found the same solution for four different sites:

Click Start
>type in the Search box “Regedit”
>Click Hkey_Local_Machine
>System folder

-Click to select UpperFilters in the right pane, delete it
-Click LowerFilters in the right pane, delete it

Close Registry window and restart the computer.

My internet works now, but still no keyboard :(

I can type with a soft keyboard, but it takes so long to type essays and stuff. Any info is much appreciated <3

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I'll state the obvious. Buy or try a new keyboard. I would run a complete hardware diagnostics to rule out any other hardware problem such as a motherboard failure.
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New keyboards didn't work :( and I'm not sure how to run diagnostics
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