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Shall I delete the PBR Image?

My Dell XPS 8500 computer came with windows 8 Dell factory image.  Last week I decided to install a genuine copy of Windows 8.1 which I have download from Microsoft.  Then  I decided to install Dell Backup and Recovery.  Soon after I discovered that my  238GB Samsung SSD hard drive has a partition named PBR Image with a 32.10GB which is almost full.

1) Should I delete this partition?  Do I need it?

2) Is it possible to install Dell Hardware Diagnostic?  It is a useful tool as it lets you check whether your hardware is running properly but obviously it comes on with Dell Factory Image.    Is there a link from where I can download this tool?

Thanks for your hellp in advance.

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RE: Shall I delete the PBR Image?

Shadow 186,

The PBR image is the Windows 8 restore image. Since you have Windows 8.1 you can delete it. You can click the link below to run the online diagnostics.

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