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Start Up Program error

I have had ongoing problems with my Dell attempting to load deleted programs at Start Up. I recently blew out and re-installed my Operating System and now have a a nagging problem with the computer attempting through Windows Installer to load the Sonic Activation Module which is not present on the computer. The necessary progam file is not present on the computer so the Windows Installer asks for the program Disk that has the missing file. Of course I have no software disk - the program came preloaded. I cannot locate the program in my Start Up Menu that is activating Windows Installer and its attempt to load the Sonic Activation Module. Nothing is indicated as Windows Installer or Sonic Activation Module. I attempted the run "msconfig" but again cannot identify which program in the Start Up is trying to load Windows Installer or the Sonic Activation Menu. This is a real pain....any help would be appreciated.

By the way, I have had absolutely no luck with forums. I get no replies or can't find the replies. I have checked the box to email me when someone replies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will actually work this time...Smiley Happy
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Re: Start Up Program error

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