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Update bios without windows

How do I update my Dell T7601 bios without installing windows (it runs linux right now)?



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Do you mean the T7600 or the T7610?  I don't see a T7601 on the Dell Support pages ( ).   

For the T7600 you can go to it's support pages, then click on the Drivers and Downloads section.  Once that loads you can change the operating system filter to "Not Applicable".  That will load the Windows / DOS / Exe file that you should be able to run in Linux.  (there is actually and option for Ubuntu 11.10  as the OS filter, but don't know what you are running.) 

There should be instructions on how to install that along with the file that downloads.  If not, I'm sure you can find instructions either on our Linux boards or you can Google it.

Hope this helps.


I've run into a similar issue, but for a Dell Inspiron 3482. Support page is:

When looking for BIOS updates, the only file available for download is "Inspiron_Vostro_3482_3582_3782_1.6.0.exe". Contrary to what is mentionned on the support page in section "Updating the BIOS from DOS (Non-Windows users)", this executable cannot run from DOS. Running this file from a bootable DOS drive, the only thing I've got is "This program cannot run in DOS mode".

How can I update the BIOS without Windows?

I managed to flash a new BIOS on Dell Inspiron 3482. Below is the procedure I followed, which is not documented on the support page. This procedure can probably be used to update the BIOS of other Dell models as well.

  • Plug the power cable (system must be on AC power)
  • Download the .exe file (for exemple Inspiron_Vostro_3482_3582_3782_X.Y.Z.exe), save it on a USB key
  • Boot the system (in UEFI mode) and press F12 when the Dell logo is showed.
  • Choose "BIOS Flash Update"
  • Choose "FS1:" (FS0: is the EFI partition, FS1 is the USB key filesystem)
  • Choose the .exe file
  • Select "Begin Flash Update". The flashing takes some time (progress bars are displayed). Once done, the system reboots.
  • When the system is rebooted, press F2 to enter the BIOS setup and check that the version of the BIOS has been updated.

Warning: the BIOS Flash Update program won't allow to flash an older version of the BIOS.

Something so simple you'd think this would be the first solution provided.

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