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WMP and Nikon software conflict

I'm running Vista Home Premium 32 bit on a Dell Dimension C521 with an AMD aAthlon 64x2 processor, 4 gb of memory.

I spent a long time uploading music so I could use Windows Media Centre as my stereo centre. I have the remote. It's great. I can make and play all kinds of playlists, music by genre, album, artist...  I'm channelling it into my receiver through a Cambridge Audio DACmagic. Sounds excellent.

I bought a Nikon D5000 and everything went well for a while. There was no conflict between any programs.

Then (why?!) I ran Ad Aware! Ad Aware identified 13 cookies it thought were a threat. I removed them.

Now every time I try to run my Nikon programs, WMP crashes and with it WMC. Also Digital cable device registration application crashes.

What I have done:

1. I have used computer restore to go back to the point before the cookies were uninstalled. That didn't work.

2. I uninstalled the Nikon software using Revo Uninstaller and re-installed it. Apps still crash and, strangely, every time I exit View NX (the app that reads the Nikon photo files), I get a window that says it's stopped working. Something in there is having trouble recognizing my actions from...

PS.  if I remember to stop the song in WMP before uploading photos I'm ok. I can turn the app back on when Nikon Transfer's done its work. but I really want to run all these things together... as before.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: WMP and Nikon software conflict

One of the drawbacks of spyware "cleaners" some antivirus software, registry cleaners is that they can mis identify actual system files and if allowed to delete them they can cause programs to not operate or even cause Windows (Vista) to stop operating.

It's hard to know exactly what was deleted, other than the cookies which would not cause your problems.  One thing to do is uninstall the Nikon software (I'd use the built in Windows Uninstall program unless that will not uninstal the Nikon software), restart the PC and then do a new install.  Do not skip the PC restart, many times if you are having a problem with a program and you just uninstall and reinstall without restarting the PC the same problem can still be there.

Unfortunately, not knowing fully what was deleted or corrupted, ultimately it could even take a complete reinstall to properly fix everything. 

I used to use AdAware but had problems with it and finally had to stop using it. 

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Re: WMP and Nikon software conflict

You said it brother! Complete crash this AM and a couple of hundred dollars later... a brand new OS with everything to be re-installed... the good news is it should work now! LOL!  Thanks sir...!  I appreciate your concern.

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