What is Digital Line Detect?

I have recently removed a number of programs from starting at Startup. But there is a file in my Startup folder which I know nothing about. It is called Digital Line Detect. I can't find anything on it in the Help and Support section. What is its purpose and do I need it to load at startup?

Also when I check System Information/Startup Programs, there is a long list of items, and I can't determine what some of them are for? How can I research the necessity for these items?

Finally, when talking to Tech Support the other day on a problem relating to my modem, which causes my system to hang when receiving a FAX, the tech support person recommended that I use msconfig to disable all of the programs listed to load at startup. Is this a good idea? Don't I want some things to load at startup like Norton Anti-Virus, for example?


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Re: What is Digital Line Detect?

I've never heard of a program called Digital Line Detect, it may be associated with your modem or DSL if you have it.  The first thing that I would suggest is to go to the program in your Start menu, right click on it and select properties.  You can then click on Find Target, right click on the target program and select properties.  You should now be able to determine the manufacturer of the software which should help determine it's purpose.  Another thing that you can do is to drag the program from the Start menu temporarily to the another folder in the Start menu, reboot and see if there is any effect.
Selective removal of startup programs is a good trouble shooting tool.  You can start disabling programs from starting up one at a time until your problem is corrected, or you can disable all the programs and see if the problem goes away and then start enabling them.  This has the advantage of quickly knowing if it is a program that is automatically starting that's causing the problem.
Here are two sites that someone posted a while back that might help you identify some of the programs:
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Re: What is Digital Line Detect?


Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.
Digital Line Detect is a program sent out with certain V.92 compliant modes to
test your phone line. Digital phone lines run on a different voltage than Analog phone lines.
If you connect your modem to a digital phone line, it could damage the modem.
Digital Line Detect allows you to test the phone line to see if it is digital or not.
Analog phone lines are found in homes and most businesses.
Digital phone lines are found in some businesses and offices and other "corporate" buildings.
You do not need the program if you are using your computer at your home.
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Re: What is Digital Line Detect?


I am using regular phone line for the internet. I read what you posted and unchecked digital line detection from the start up folder. Do I need to recheck this in the start up folder if I do change to DSL or would I be using a different modem then and wouldn't have to worry about it?



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Re: What is Digital Line Detect?

If you go to DSL service, they will provide an external "DSL Modem" and it will connect either via the Ethernet port (preferred) or a USB port on your PC.  You will not use your built in modem for DSL.

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Re: What is Digital Line Detect?

The thing for me is......I DO have a digital line....my dialup is ISDN.
Since that is currently my only dialup, and I do not plan on using
an analog line, is disabling this message a problem for my configuration?
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