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WinDVD install on new hard drive.



I had to put a new hard drive in my Latitude X300 and now need to reinstall WinDVD on the new hard drive.  I have the CD for version 4.0 of WinDVD


I'm getting two error messages:


first error:


16 bit MS-DOS subsystem


c:\progra~1\symantec\s32evnt1.dll. An installable virtual Device Driver failed Dll initialization.  choose 'close' to terminate the application.  (note I can choose either close or ignore below this message.  Ignore does nothing)


A second or two after the first error pops up, a second error shows up.  I have to click on error #1's title bar to drag it out of the way to read the second error.


second error:


A Severe Error has occurred.  All I can do is click OK to this one.  When I click OK, the same error window changes text and says "This is not a qualified Dell machine".


Any suggestions on how I can get WinDVD installed?




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Re: WinDVD install on new hard drive.

search of this forum shows this was a very common problem, albeit most date to 2003 and earlier; apparently WinDVD checks for a Dell BIOS before installing as a piracy prevention measure.   Unfortunately I could find no definitive solution for it (though you might want to read through those threads yourself). 


If someone else doesn't jump in with a solution, you might consider trying something like the open-source VLC Media Player instead to play DVDs. 

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