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how to get a recovery disc

i would like to do a factory reset on my xps l502x which has a corrupted link between the main partition and the recovery partition. this makes a software factory reset impossible.

the only way to get back to factory image that i can think of is to order a recovery disc, how can I do that?

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RE: how to get a recovery disc

If its a Windows 8 system you can download a .iso:


If its a Windows 7 system you will have to call Dell Technical Support to get a Reinstallation DVD shipped out. Microsoft have deliberately broke all official downloads for Windows 7.

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RE: how to get a recovery disc

Before doing anything, be sure to run an extended hard drive test to make sure it is not a failing hard drive. Run the Diagnostics, choose Custom test of the hard drive which might take hours on a large drive. The regular diagnostics runs only a quick test which might not show a problem.

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