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realtek pcie gbe family controller

Hi All Details of my machine and configuration:- Dell XPS 501L OS: Windows 7 64bit Home Processor: Intel Core i5 2430M CPU @ 240GHz Ram: 6 GB. That done here is my issue; It is somewhat relative to this discussion. I recently had a virus on my machine which took over my Internet browser. Did all I could to remove it and management to effect the OS basically managed to messed it up. Reluctantly I did restored by carrying out a full reinstallation of the OS using Windows© easy transfer. Although doing a complete fresh install was a struggle it’s more or less done. I had to get some missing drivers which I downloaded from Dell using the My Dell utility software which I reinstalled during the implementation of the fresh OS. All has now gone well except when I boot up the black check screen prior to the windows logon screen throw’s up the following error:- Realtek PCIe Gbe Family controller etc. etc. failure. However the system boots up ok and works as expected.I have checked all the devices on my system via Device Manager and there are no yellow flag warnings on any of the devices. My question: - Is this warning in the black start up screen a problem now or in the future and if possible does anyone have a solution as to how to fix it or remove the warning or should I just ignore it. Thanks in advance to all for your replies.
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RE: realtek pcie gbe family controller


If it not effecting the PC adversely then it is just a message on the post BIOS screen, you can remove post messages in BIOS as long with the F2 and F12 post messages, so be careful to just turn off the right message.

  • PCIe Advanced Error Reporting Support (Intel only):

The "PCI Express Advanced Error Reporting" feature can be set to "Enabled" or "Disabled". If it is set to "Enabled", the operating system will check the PCI device drivers. The messages that are returned as responses still cannot be cleanly processed by all operating systems. Our Quality Assurance department sets the feature to "Disabled" to avoid problems during operating system installation.

When you reformatted and re-installed you turn this feature "On" by default, The Quality Assurance department wasn't there to set it.LOL. 




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