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Can not connect to SBS 2011

Can not connect to SBS 2011

Love this app, really.

I have 2 offices, one with SBS2003, and we just upgraded the smaller office to sbs 2011 before we install sbs2011 at the larger office. We can NOT connect to the sbs2011 server. It has a black screen, then after 20 seconds or so, it says session disconnected.

I tried another RDC app, <deleted>, to connect to sbs2011 and it works just fine.

I am using a TF201, with OS 4.0.3 and the pocket cloud app version is: 1.2.187

Thanks in advance

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RE: Can not connect to SBS 2011

When you see the blank screen after connecting, have you tried tapping the screen?

Also check this knowledge-base article to see if the solution helps: 



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