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VNC Encryption- Free Version

VNC Encryption- Free Version


I am trying your free version to see if I want to purchase. However, I want to make sure my sessions are encrypted, even while I am trying the free version. I am on iPad, and the remote computer is currently using Windows 7 Home Edition. I am connecting via VNC and auto-discovery. I found some literature that stated 128-bit encryption on VNC via auto-disovery in the paid version. But does this apply to the free version as well? If so, is the whole session encrypted, or just the login? If I change to Windows 7 Platinum and use RDP, are all sessions encrypted on both free and paid versions? Thanks for your help.

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RE: VNC Encryption- Free Version

Auto-discovered VNC connections are encrypted on both the free and paid versions. If you are using auto-discovery, the entire session is encrypted.

If you were to upgrade to Platinum and use RDP, all sessions are encrypted on both the free and paid versions.

Josh Maurer
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