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WMS: Terminal naming possibilitys in groups


I got the following task at hand: I´d like to have our Terminals named after a certain sceme, since we do so with all our devices.

I got a group of Wyse5070s with thinos to manage.

Normally we use Netbios names, containing of 8 charakters, the first four being a device description, the last four being an Index.


Is it possible to create an Index with WMS, or do i have to do something like WXYZ&right($MAC,6) to guarantee unique names?

This would of course elongate the name by two charakters and also contain hex values and not decimals. I considered using just four digits of the mac adress, but i don´t know if all 5070s share the same "d9" in the fifth and sixth digit of the mac (from the right)

I know the alternative is to set the name for each device manually, but I´d like to make things as easy as possible for our client team, so I´d love some input on this one.

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Re: WMS: Terminal naming possibilitys in groups

I have requested a similar solution through our pre-sales support.  We use Epic as our EMR and it is highly driven upon machine names as far as content, settings, and printers go.  That said, our naming scheme is not in line with using MAC addresses, so naming our thin client deployments has been a tedious headache, as you have to assign them manually within WMS.  Also, don't get me started on the fact that the name gets stripped from the device when you change groups.  I requested to have some sort of pre-mapping that we can set within WMS, that would allow us to set names, based on MAC addresses. For instance: (00:80:eb:eb:a0:32 = CR-ROOM-232).

Whatever the solution, it would be much better than us having to change our naming scheme and manually change 2000+ records in our EMR.

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Re: WMS: Terminal naming possibilitys in groups

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