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Upgrade to Dell Gaming Desktop?

Hey, I was looking into buying a new dell gaming desktop (i5-8400 and 1060 3gb) but was unsure about upgrades in the future. This is because dell uses specially designed motherboards and power supplies, as well as a custom case. Would I be able to, by any chance, move the parts from an Inspiron into a new case that's the same size? Also, is there anyway to swap out the motherboard/power supply? I understand this would void a warranty, but is this possible?
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Re: Upgrade to Dell Gaming Desktop?

Dell does use custom parts.  Some components are easily upgradeable and others are not.  If you want one that is upgradeable as you list, build your own.  Other PC vendors also have some or all proprietary components and cases like Dell.

There have been reports from some users of accomplishing some of what you want to do but those users are computer techs with knowhow and ability to modify.  Not the average computer user.

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