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XPS 8930 No Power Button LED, No Post Beeps, P/S Fan died, but works fine

This is a strange one.  Dell XPS 8930, just over a year old, so no more warranty.  1. The Power Supply fan appears to have died. 2. There is no longer any Post beeps on startup. 3. The Power Button LED no longer works.  

I replaced the power supply with an Aftermarket. The fan in that one obviously works. Still no post beeps, and the Power Supply light still does not work.  It's so quiet I don't know if it's on until I see the info on the screen.  It otherwise appears to be working properly.  Any clues as to the other issues?  It used to beep on Bootup.  

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Re: XPS 8930 No Power Button LED, No Post Beeps, P/S Fan died, but works fine

Power button LED is replaceable part.

Flip this diagram upside down and you have the pinouts.  It is pretty much industry standard.   There is a little variation as there is no HD LED or Reset button on the current XPS models..  

Pinouts XPS 8910 8920.jpg

With a new case you can use the pins on that header for the Power, Power LED, Reset, HD Power LED connections.  There is a diagram on the XPS 8930 motherboard that shows the configuration for the pins. 

F Panel.JPG

Excel Pins 2.JPG

On the XPS 8930 motherboard the pins on the  F Panel header are numbered like this.

2 4 6 8 10

1 3 5 7 9

 Motherboard pins 2.JPG


Pic of Industry Standard Front Panel with the same pin numbering.

 Standard Industry FP Pinouts.JPG


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Re: XPS 8930 No Power Button LED, No Post Beeps, P/S Fan died, but works fine

Are you sure the fan in the OEM PSU actually died? Dell uses PSUs in this model which only run the fan when it's needed. So it's probably off the majority of the time to save energy, which may make it appear that the PSU fan "failed".

How many beeps were you getting during POST before you replaced the PSU? I'm surprised it beeped at all during POST but still worked ok. On some older XPS models, the "normal" one beep during POST was frequently and incorrectly associated with an actual error code, so Dell BIOS suppresses that "normal" one beep during POST to eliminate confusion.

If you were getting a beep(s) during POST, there may have actually been a problem which got resolved when you swapped the PSU, especially if you reseated RAM and PCI-e cards, etc.

Speedstep is probably right, the LED in the power button probably died because replacing the PSU didn't fix that problem. And IIRC, there have been other reports of that power button LED failing...



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