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XPS 8930 SE, largest hard drive?

Is there a limit to the TB size I can put in a XPS 8930 SE? I thought I read about somewhere but I can't find it now.  Want to add an 8TB drive.

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Yes, I'm sure there is some kind of upper drive/partition size limit, but I don't think that is your real question.

Yes, any modern Wintel desktop should be able to handle a 8tb drive. Providing you have:
Windows-10 64bit
GPT type
NTFS format

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I have the 8930, not sure about the SE version though. My manual says I can only install 4TB HDD max. However, I have installed a seagate barracuda pro 10TB HDD without a problem . I have the full 10TB available.

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@malanickYou probably read it in the XPS 8930 Setup and Specifications, where it says the hard drive capacity is "Up to 4TB", but that is wrong. 


I don't think the "SE version" means much of anything, on my 8920 the only difference I know was the front was silver and they put a better GPU in them. When my new "all black" one quit they sent an SE but the switched the gpu and all that was left different was a silver front.

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Any such limit is how much money you have in your wallet.

2.5 INCH 30.72 TB







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Can you tell me if the 10TB drive is still working for you?  I am about to buy a Dell XPS 8930 and need to add a HDD at least 6TB. I would like to confirm that it will work.


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the only limit is if using 2GB MBR formats and 64bit OS, btw NO OS stated or even hinted at. (endless choices)

GPT has no limit , in MY LIFETIME (10years if lucky)

the spec is SATA, GPT, wiki that and read,.

there is no HDD made on earth that even gets close to the limit NOT even a 20 drive RAID ARRAY.

this is not the olden days of weak 32bit limits. and MBR or older, ...FAT 32, FAT 16 days.

64bit,  on the TI picket calc, click Y(x)

2(64) type 2, (then Yx key) type 64,  get near 2 to 19th power, 1.8E19  google how to convert that to English words.

or see,,,  16EB (exabytes)

see here, clearly and simple.

best is to ask,  if  a HDD will work in this X, PC.  (show link to drive you want for best answers)


this post repeats world wide, like 1billion times, soon to be 1EB.

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