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Del XPS 15 l502x - fitting 2nd HDD to optical drive bay.

I have a Dell XPS 15 l502x and about a year ago I replaced the Drive 'C' with a SSD, took out the optical dirive and fitted a HDD caddy, to which I fitted a 750GB hard drive as 'D'. Everything has worked fine and the only problem has been that Drive 'D' now needs to be a larger capacity, so I duly bought a 2TB drive to replace the 750GB drive in the caddy.

Replacement went well, the new drive being duly initialised and then existing data transferred over.

However, when I now boot the laptop up one of a few different problems occur:-

  • The laptop doesn't recognise the 'D' drive as being there, i.e. it doesn't show it at all, or
  • The 'D' drive shows, but clicking on it shows nothing on it, or
  • The 'D' drive shows and the folders on the drive show but the folders show as being 'Empty'.

The new 2TB drive seems to be working fine and is 100% when fitted into an external drive caddy and plugged into a USB port. I have tried two different drive caddies and the problems exist with both.

So I guess my question is, can the Dell XPS 15 l502x cope with a 2TB HDD fitted to the optical drive bay?

Many thanks for any replies 🙂

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Re: Del XPS 15 l502x - fitting 2nd HDD to optical drive bay.

Well just in case anyone ever reads this thread, or searches with the same problem, this is how it was fixed, (after some Googling):-

Powered-up the laptop and pressed F2 when the Dell logo appears, that took me into the BIOS Setup, here I found the entry 'USB Emulation', which was set to 'Enabled'. I switched the setting to 'Disabled', exited with saving the change and the laptop booted quickly into Windows and everything with Drive 2 was in order.

No idea why it worked but hope it helps someone else 🙂

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