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Dell XPS 9570 ntoskrnl.exe error in Windows 10


from time to time I get a ntoskrnl.exe BSoD error in Windows 10

I noticed it happens if I don't use the laptop for some minutes, so it could be something related to the sleep mode, but the suspension is deactivated. 


Find attached the screenshot by the dump file and related to the BSod error:


All the drivers are updated. 



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Just had another crash of the system after I did not use the computer for a couple of hours. I did not get the blue screen this time but the system was frozen and I had to switch the laptop off. Frustrating experience with this Dell XPS 15 9570, I have a bunch of different issues since I bought the laptop which I can't solve, and the frequent answer which I get by the customer care is suggestions about how to reinstall the OS. It is a nightmare.

Why in Windows 10 I no longer have all specific options related to the power managment? I remember that they were there before reinstalling the OS, and I suppose they are extremely important for the 'tuning' of the Laptop. I remember there were many options related to each peripheral (hd, monitor, network card, ecc) now there is just a generic menù with some references but it is quite limited: https://app.box.com/s/06vk201t6837k3wssbkiuyysowi9h9x8 Best. D.

A quick update. 

It seems that the problem above was related to the power management of the Network Card. After disabling the sleep mode, I no longer experience the problem, so far. 




Thank you for letting us know the status. 

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