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Does the XPS 9520 support Wi-Fi6E (6GHz)?

I had an issue with another computer being addressed in the Precision Workstation forums, but thought I would ask for an official answer for my new XPS 9520 here. 

Does the XPS 9520 support Wi-Fi6E (6GHz), or has Dell intentionally disabled it?  Theoretically the AX211 factory adapter has Wi-Fi6E (6GHz) capability, but I have been unable to get it to work with my 6Ghz router.  

The Dell specifications do not list Wi-Fi6E (6GHz) capabilities, as seen in the below picture.  


Does the Dell XPS 9520 support Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz), has Dell intentionally disabled it's feature in the AX211 wireless adapter, or are the specifications incorrect and need updating?

I have read that Dell confirmed to notebookcheck.net that Wi-Fi 6E support has cannot be exploited in the XPS 9520.

Dell XPS 15 9520 is 15 to 35 percent faster than XPS 15 9510, lacks Wi-Fi 6E support despite coming ...


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2 Jasper

Well, it has been confirmed by Dell that they have intentionally disabled 6GHz support for the AX211 adapter in the XPS 9520.  

I'm sure I'm not the only owner that feels like this is very deceptive. 

See my thread on Reddit and Intel for additional information.

AX210/AX211 not showing 6GHz networks with latest drivers - Intel Communities

Is it deceptive that the XPS 9520 has an AX211 adapter, but Dell has disabled its 6GHz support? : De...

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Since you have a 12th Gen Intel Processor, it should work (don't know about AMD).  I would think, if that system came with the Killer 1675(i,x) that it should be compatible with Wi-Fi 6e.  But, the Killer 1675 is a little strange in that it seems to come in two or maybe 3 versions.  The small letter after the device may provide more info.

The chipset you appear to have is also Wi-Fi 6e compatible.

Just for the info, if others are checking, Win 11 is required which you seem to have.

What router are you using?

You also probably need the router to be using WPA3-Personal authentication for the network to be available.

Simply put, it looks like you have what you need for 6e to work.  Since that capability is not shown in your listing, maybe Dell could explain.  The fact the Wi-Fi card is soldered in, means you can't change it out for another one.  But if the system was set up correctly, you should not need to change it.

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I wonder if the encryption available showing on your attachment, WEP, means you cannot use the WPA versions?

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I am currently using the GT-AXE16000, and using WPA2/WPA3 Personal so the technical specifications may just need to be updated. 

However, I am also having this problem with my Precision 7560 laptop being addresses in another thread, and in that thread I was hastily told my XPS 9520 doesn't support Wi-Fi6E (6GHZ).

So, I thought I would ask for an official answer especially after reading the article on notebookckeck.net

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2 Jasper

I even purchased different Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz) router, and still have the same problem.  


The one thing I don't know about is the WEP security available.  If the card is being run as a CNVio card, that interface may require the chipset be WPA compatible.

You are saying you can use the WPA3-Personal security for your password on the 6 GHz network?  If that is the case, I have no idea why the card isn't working on 6 GHz.  I also have the AXE16000 router.

I have been researching this type of thing since I was trying to get an AX411 card to work.  I did look at the specs. of some other new Dell laptops and they seem to have the same WEP only designations.  I do not know if a Bios update could change that.

Systems can be wired differently.  Some systems may be able to use either PCIe interface, which is a self-contained card so it doesn't need the chipset or CNVio.

I think the link below shows the card you have and you can check down in the System Interface type for that information.  I believe the is should be like i/s as designations for the card.

Intel Killer WiFi 6E AX1675 is Product Specifications

As far as an official answer, I certainly can't give you one of those.   I am surprised you haven't seen on of those We are contacting you directly messages that you normally see in other threads.

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2 Jasper

Has Dell been able to confirm this yet?  I even went and purchased a different Wi-Fi 6E (6GHz) router and am still unable to connect using 6GHz with my new XPS 9520.


I have a feeling, Dell has not allowed the 6 GHz radio on most of their systems, to work.  I do not know why and they may not be willing to confirm the situation.  Hopefully, it is a mistake on their part and will be corrected with a Bios update.

I did a check again today for Dell systems with Wi-Fi 6e and did find an expensive Alienware Gaming system which actually showed Wi-Fi 6e was pre-Certified.

I went over to look at ASUS laptops and they give you an option to select 6e as a requirement.  Too bad Dell is so far behind.

I also just ran across this one from Dell.  It does state 6e in the specs. and it is using an Intel Wireless AX211, not a killer version.

Inspiron 16 Plus Laptop : Laptop Computers | Dell USA

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No one in DELL can tell me why my brand new XPS15-9520 that just had a new motherboard installed by Dell cannot receive the 6GHz band on my WIFI?  My older XPS15-9570 has no problem picking up the 6GHz band.  My older (2018) XPS15-9570 has a Wise Tiger AX210NGW Wi-Fi card, Wi-Fi 11AX with 6GHz.  My new (2022) XPS15-9520 has an Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6 1675 (AX211) card.  According to the specs of the Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6 1675 has the capabilities to receive the 6GHz band.  Both machines are operating with Windows 11 and Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX211 drivers.

This is where I stand with Dell support at the present time:  From: Dell Tech Support
Sent: Saturday, July 16, 2022 4:12 PM

< Private Email id removed.TOS73>

Subject: RE: Wireless network issue [ ref:_00D0bGaMp._5006P5hJfR:ref ]
Hi Paul,
We already escalated this case and we'll keep you posted for updates regarding our next step.
Thank you
Joseph Mikko Dionisio
Dell Technical Support
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