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Driver power state failure

Dear members of the community,

I have the Dell XPS 15 9570. Recently, maybe a few months ago, I started to have the blue screen error that reads Driver Power State Failure. It happens randomly. Sometimes as an omen of bad luck, my mouse freezes (both the BT and touchpad) while everything works, and then after a minute, I get a blue screen error. Sometimes everything freezes, and I get the blue screen. I don't know if it's a coincidence or not, but I have updated to windows 11. I had no such problems when I used windows 10. I have also tried to look for this information online, but it did not conform to my exact problem, so I did not have luck finding the answer. My problem happens not during the sleep mode, but anytime, for instance, the laptop can crash while using Word. I have tried to reinstall the system, but a clean install of Win11 did not help. Please help me to solve this problem, as it really disrupts important work tasks. Thank you very much.

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@originalmarshmello wrote:

I tried this jayztwocents videos method

The video recommends the following method:

  • Disable automatic driver installer in Windows
  • Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in Windows Safe mode and:
    • Go through a boot cycle (power down, and boot)
    • After restarting: end Windows update task through Task Manager
  • Re-install latest driver (clean install)
  • Disable Fast Boot

For sake of completeness, did you:

  1. Follow all these steps?
  2. Use DDU for the Nvidia drivers and/or Intel drivers?

Here’s what I did:

  • Disable windows Auto driver update / installer.
  • Install DDU, boot into safe mode and remove all the NVIDIA drivers and software. (At this point the system will be exclusively running on the intel graphics.)
  • Go through a boot cycle: Shut down, boot up.
  • Download the latest Studio Driver from NVIDIA.
  • Perform a clean install of the latest driver.

That was everything I did. I didn’t need to end the windows update process in the task manager since I successfully disabled it with my first action. From what I gathered, fast boot only matters if you switch your graphics card, because it preloads the last one which was in your system’s driver. I never plan to switch my GPU in my laptop so I didn’t disable it. No problems thus far.


Thanks! That makes for a concise list of steps to take.

Kindly keep us posted with your experiences over time.

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I found another solution in a different forum that's worked for me so far (and requires less effort than above). Simply going to msconfig and disabling all the Dell processes. I've not had one BSOD since so far


Hello again, everybody,

Don't you think that the Dell processes should not be disabled, since they are necessary and useful?

However, what we have figured out, is that, at least for most of us, it happens when we use Adobe suite. Me myself, I usually get this error when using Lightroom. It might be related to nVidia drivers, as somebody said, because Adobe suite uses the better graphics processor. However, Dell has the tools to make it right and should include the working solution in the SupportAssist, don't you think? We should not be forced to disable their processes (it may sound easier, but perhaps there is only one cause and it's an exceeding measure to disable all of the proceses).

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I have the same issue & without updating to windows 11, still with windows 10... It's seam to me a driver update with glitches!! 


Thank you so much @originalmarshmello I've got a Dell XPS 15 9570 and have been having problems on and off for months with the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. Luckily my machine is still under warranty so I've had Dell service trying to fix this. A few weeks ago they replaced the motherboard, SSD, battery and a few other bits and pieces. It appeared to have fix the problem until today when I had a Nvidia driver update. Then my machine has crashed 4 times in about 3 hours with BSOD and the DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE warning. I'm using a Lightroom a lot and had previously suspected it to be related to the GPU. This confirmed it. I watched the video you linked but followed the process in this video as it seemed a bit simpler - https://youtu.be/_6NPVZ7sdZU and it appears to have fixed the issue (so far).


The process in the video mentioned by @SimonBrettellPhotography is the following:

  • Download the latest Nvidia Drivers
  • Download Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU)
  • Place both installers on desktop for ease of access
  • Restart Windows in Safe Mode without internet connection (to prevent Windows from downloading a new driver immediately). The recommendation here is to enable safe mode in (run - Win + R) msconfig > Boot > Tick Safe Boot in minimal mode
  • Right click DDU and Run as administrator
  • Select Options and toggle on:
    • Prevent downloads and iof drivers from "Windows update"when "Windows" search for a driver for a device (at your own risk - alternatively disconnect the device from the internet)
  • Select Nvidia GPU and run DDU
  • Disable Safe boot through msconfig
  • Restart in non-safe mode (your resolution may look wonky)
  • Install latest Nvidia Graphics drivers
  • Restart for good measure

I've been running 2 days now with no issues so if you're also having this problem the use of Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) for a clean install of the NVIDIA drivers as detailed above appears to work


I’ve been running this for almost two weeks, with no issues whatsoever. Seems to be a working solution!

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