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Getting both LCD failure and CMOS battery failure LED messages on XPS 9370

Yesterday woke up and saw that my Killer 1435 network adapter was no longer recognized. Tried clean installing killer driver to no avail and eventually resorted to updating the system BIOS to 1.11.1

This update perfectly fixed the wifi card issue and was able to connect and use full functionality.

Upon closing and reopening the laptop, the computer was bricked on the lock screen and then began LED signaling LCD display failure. 

LCD diagnostic boot while holding D would show the lock screen but not the colors and bars and then the laptop would make noise and cycle through what seemed to be some boot attempts before failing. 

Once this happens the LED then indicated the flashing pattern of a CMOS battery failure. 

Eventually after some time a future boot attempt would then result in the LCD backlight lighting up and then showing the LCD failure message again. 

Have tried disconnecting battery, cmos battery, SSD, fan connectors and draining power then reassembling. But this still gets me the same error messages in sequence. 

Very confused and would be quite grateful if anyone has a suggestion of what might be going on ./ what to try next. 



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