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[HELP] Install Ubuntu Dual Boot switch RAID On to AHCI


I didn't find an answer while searching so I post here. I have a Dell XPS 9350 and I want to install Ubuntu in dual boot along Windows 10. I have a M.2 PCIe NVMe Samsung SSD and on Dell website it is written that I need to change the option "RAID On" to AHCI.

When I try to do that, a warning message appears :

SATA Operation is being changed ! Attention ! Changing this settings may prevent your operating system from booting or require a reinstall. Attention ! The E-Module and other eSATA devices only function in AHCI or RAID On mode.

So my question was : Does changing RAID On to AHCI will wipe my windows hard drive and should I make a back up before on a HDD, or nothing will be erased ?

Thank you very much for your help.

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I found the answer here and It didn't wipe off my data :


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Changing to AHCI might only prevent you from booting a TPM protected (encrypted) volume next time you change it back. But if you have the Recovery Password everything will be fine.


Still, Dell... Linux users should not be forced to switch to AHCI in the first place. Why can't you contribute to Ubuntu/Linux in a way that we can use the "Raid On" capability? Not being able to use Raid is nothing that we must accept when using Linux!

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