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Laptop has stopped - with error code


I was 99% through with charging up a replacement battery for this laptop when it suddenly flashed up this blue-screen error message, it has done nothing else since.

Lap is an XPS L502X, 2.4Ghz.

Tried going into boot sequence/s but the blue message just keeps on happening.

The lap did not like the new battery, kept asking for F1, but after that, all was fine. Then it stopped.

Help please.



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Interesting story with your laptop, if there are any further issues I'd like to know. If this post is solved though then definitely mark a solution

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The only discs that came with the lap were the Operating System & drivers cd's - there was no recovery disc, as such - I kept everything, including the paperwork.

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F12 a few times at powerup -- run an extended diagnostic on the hard drive (or SSD, whichever it has).  Also run the extended test on the RAM as well.



1st resultXPS-diagnostic-test-1-low.jpg

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Does your system still fail to boot to Windows? It seems like your PC might not include a recovery partition/recovery tools. If it does, try the startup repair option. If you can make a Windows installer USB, you can use it to help perform recovery (try the startup repair option).


From here straight back to blue error page.XPS-All-Tests-Passed-2-low.jpg


Thanks, how do you try the startup repair option please?


There is no boot to Windows, I have only the blue screen error message.


Do you know how to make a Windows installation USB? Basically, download the media creation tool (for Windows 10 or 11 whichever is on your laptop) then boot off the USB and select "repair my computer".


Don't count on the results of the short test -- run the full (surface) test of the drive.  If it's a large (1T or larger) drive, this will take several hours.


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