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Premier Color ISSUES!


since the last Discussion was Archive, it seems like we'll have to start a new one.

After over a Year of contact with Dell regarding Driver Issues with the Dell Premier Color application We still have not reached anything. In these appearently common glitch the screen of Your XPS Device with a 4k UHD monitor (the "better one" suited for professional color work), your monitor will get a slight green tint, and more important will have terrible banding. Rendering it totally unusable for any kind of color accuracy dependent work. Furthermore even altering and noticalby worstning your day to day experience with the device.Now you could say I am on an old mashine (XPS 9570 from 2018) and the warrenty is long expired. But firstly the issue occured long before the warrenty expired at least on my mashine. And secondly from feedback on the Microsoft Store you can take that it is occuring on the newer models too! (XPS 7590).

Thanks to some diligent people we have some Workarounds by now. BUT these are workarounds and do not give us back 100% of the funcionality. As can be read here: https://www.dell.com/community/XPS/XPS-15-9570-Premier-Color-issues-with-banding/td-p/7325003

 This issue, however does not seem to care dell very much. After a dozen of promises by tech personel from dell, and some moderators in this very forum to escelate this case for years now. Nothing ever happend!

So please let's get somebody to take notice of this problem and initiate a way to fix this.


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in my new Precision 5540 I had the same issue and, in addition at the bad color display, also a strange flashing of colors while using Photoshop with Nvidia GPU (https://community.adobe.com/t5/photoshop/color-flash-while-executing-any-operation-in-photoshop-on-w...)

I solved both the issue in the following way:

- Unistall the Premier Color application and reinstall the Intel GPU driver --- this solved the issue of the color display --- like your suggestion @Dos9570 

- Unitstall Nvidia Driver and reinstall the latest driver --- this solved the issue of the color flashing




Try this
1. Uninstalled Dell premier colour
2. Go to this link
3. Download the file and install.
4. Restart the computer.
5. On the desktop, right click, “Dell premier colour” should be in the drop down. From here another menu will drop down where you can choose the required colour space.

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