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Problem with Camera (shutting down after some use) and Related BSOD

Hello everyone.


I have a problem with my DELL XPS 13 9360. 


The integrated webcam works fine in all applications for some time, but after some time it turns itself off (usually few hours). Turning the camera on sometimes works and sometimes the camera is fine. Sometimes, it doesn't work and the webcam turns on but instantly switches off again. It is not detected at those points. Rebooting helps. 


In the midst of the corona situation, I need to have the webcam working in a stable manner and I can't figure what the problem is coming from.


Related (it seems to me) is the issue of Blue Screen on wake-up sometimes that says: PAGE_FAULT_IN NON PAGED area with the faulty file being usbvideo.sys. This happens infrequently (every few or so) but is also quite annoying.


What did I do?

1) Update BIOS and Drivers

2) Performed memtest and sfc scannow and chkdsk

3) Uninstalled and updated the webcam driver

4) Did hardware check in support assist

5) Allocated more paged memory





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