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Screen won't turn on, but everything works


I have a dell xps 15, I'm having an issue where the display wont turn on when pressing the power button, but it will work when I connect it to a TV, it even takes input from the touchscreen, but nothing is displayed. I did the screen test by holding down the D button and turning it on, and it displayed all the colors. But just doesn't display anything on a normal boot, not even the initial dell logo.

If it's of any help, I checked for some beep codes and it would play 3-2-1 right after the little melody

If anyone could help me, or even tell me what's wrong, I'd really appreciate it 

Thank you 

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3+2+1 = 6 -- if you're hearing a 6-beep pattern and have no display, it suggests a bad GPU.  Can you get a screen self-test to run (hold D through powerup)?


Yeah, the screen test works, it shows all the colors

And while the screen didn't turn on, the mointor would, and I could use it fine through the monitor, even the touch would work 


In the absence of any other symptoms, I'd bet it's a bad GPU.

On anything built in recent memory short of a 17" Alienware or Precision, it means a replacement mainboard.


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