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Short screen shift and flicker - XPS 17 9700

On my XPS 17 9700 i sometimes see short screen content shift or flicker.

Since it is very short and randomly (once avery day?) i can not exactly tell details about the shift but it looks like the whole screen is shiftet horizontally by maybe 20 pixel.

Strangly i also happen to see the windows Task bar to shift up a view pixels for a fraction of a second.

I think it occurs more frequently when i switch between a window with fullscreen black background (putty) and a fillscreen white background (Chrome browser).

Anybody else seen that yet?

By the way... I don't thing that it is a connector or cable contact issue.



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I have the exact issue on my XPS 13 7390. 

I have already been in contact with the dell support. They have replaced my screen and the issues persisted. 

I assume there's an issues with the Intel GPU. If you are still under warranty get dell to replace the laptop for you 


Hi, Nothing useful for you here, but I just wanted to let you know that I have the same occasional issue on my XPS 17 9700 (Sometimes when switching to another tab). I also have some light flickering when using Photoshop as well, that seem to be related with a dual graphics card situation. Got in touch with Dell customer's support but they couldn't do anything for me, and tried some things suggested by Nvidia support but nothing has worked yet (Related to my photoshop problem, though).

I think I may have resolved the issue. I got my XPS 17 9710 today and the screen was flickering, blurring, and shifting all over the place. I opened up the Device Manager in Windows, expanded Display Adapters, and saw 2. "Intel(R) UHD Graphics" and "NVIDIA GeForce...". I right-clicked the Intel one and selected "Disable Device". It hasn't flickered again in the last 10 minutes. I hope that was the fix.




Ok. I've verified. That did fix the issue for me. I've been using for 5 hours straight this morning with no issues.

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