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USB Type C cable recognized as USB Root Hub Device


Im using a Dell XPS 9560 15" FHD version.<Service Tag removed>


When I connect a USB Type C cable to my laptop, it shows as a USB Root Hub (USB 3.0) in Bluetooth & Other Devices. Give a new USB device connection sound as well.

Where as in my Lenovo it does not show any message or do not list the cable as such.

Capture.JPGMy problem began as I use a Tether Tools cable to connect my camera to laptop through the USB C port.

The connection is very unreliable. Always getting disconnected while taking pictures. I realized what happen is the USB "Device" which created when connected the cable being disconnected repeatedly & get connected again.

This "Device" is shown when a cable is connected through USB C port.

My device is running the latest BIOS & Latest windows versions as at today (14 Feb 2020)

Appreciate any help as this is a very troubling issue for me since I am a photographer. 

What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance 

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