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Weird Delete Key Behaviour

XPS 15 9500


My XPS has a weird problem that is clearly software in nature but I'm totally at a loss as to how to solve it. When I press the 'delete' key (not backspace) in some apps and just on the desktop it acts as a shortcut button opening several programs, taking a screenshot, opening sticky notes etc. 

Why does it do this and how do I get it to stop? Its driving me insane. 

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My first thought is that maybe you remapped that key
How to Remap Any Key or Shortcut on Windows 10 (howtogeek.com)



I've not knowingly done this and I'm running Windows 11. Is there a power tools available for W11? 


@JPMAc wrote:

I've not knowingly done this and I'm running Windows 11. Is there a power tools available for W11? 

PowerToys are normally updated to run on the current version of 64-bit Windows (ie Windows-11).


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Tried it. Its not showing any keys as mapped. I even tried remapping the 'delete' to 'delete'. 

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When did you first notice the problem? (what might've happened to trigger it?)

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Its been doing it for as long as I can remember. I've done clean installs etc and its still the same. Normally, I used the laptop docked with a seperate keyboard with no issues but its specifically the 'delete' key on the laptops keyboard


That's extremely bizarre. Have you ran diagnostics in BIOS and/or SupportAssist? Have you done Windows and/or SupportAssist updates?

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Yep. Shows no problems. Not sure where to go with it to be honest. 


Okay so both BIOS and SupportAssist diagnostics report back clean. What about Windows and/or SupportAssist updates? Is everything up to date? Are any specific things out of date?

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