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XPS 13 9370 random dock Shutdown

I got a refurbished DELL XPS 13 9370 in March 2019 and recently  it has just started to randomly just turn itself off after 2-5 minutes of booting into windows.

To get it to power up again I need to turn it on/off several times.

I have checked the battery in the BIOS, it looks good and still takes a charge.

I have noticed it only happens when connected to my docking station / plugged in. No restarts when just running off battery.

I can't upgrade the BIOS as that requires it to be plugged in.

I have another plug I will test at work.

I've turned off the windows, auto-restart on system failures, as i read that around these forums.

I get an invalid-time bios error occasionally also after the random shutdown, researching that points to either CMOS battery  or moboboard charging circuit

What else can I look at, this laptop wasn't cheap, I expected it to last atleast several years. Appears I do have basic warranty...

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