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XPS 13-9380, cannot install Intel Chipset driver?

I cannot install the specific driver that makes the battery status button on the side light up. The one called:
Intel Chipset Device Software Driver (14mb)

I tried to download it from the Dell SupportAssist and also from this link: <Service tag removed>. But it gets stuck during the installation step. At 92%. It also gets stuck in the Dell SupportAssist app

How can I get it to work?

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Re: XPS 13-9380, cannot install Intel Chipset driver?

* Go here
* Download/Save the Chipset driver to the Windows desktop
* When done, restart the laptop
* Close all unnecessary software applications (Steam, Anti-virus, etc. )
* Find the saved Chipset file on the Windows desktop
* Right click the file and choose, "Run as administrator". Note, you do not need to "extract" the file. Just run it
* Follow the prompted instructions


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