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XPS 13 Plus 9320, Touchpad malfunctioning


I very recently received my new XPS 13 Plus 9320. I happily used it for about a week until one the day the haptic feedback from the touchpad suddenly began malfunctioning. It still functions mostly as a mouse (moving, scrolling, clicking), but the feedback only makes a sound and no physical feedback. All feedback intensity settings feel the same except 100% where the touchpad becomes unusable. At 100% intensity the touchpad automatically clicks about every second even when I am not touching it.

I've been in touch with Dell support and have an open ticket but nothing has helped. Restarting comp, resetting settings, reinstalling/updating drivers, restoring comp, and reinstalling windows 11 have not fixed it. Seems likely to be a hardware issue at this point.

Has anyone else experienced this? This issue makes for a poor experience using the touchpad and I am unhappy that a week-old machine would physically break without any apparent trauma.


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reflashed bios 1.6.0; and opened mouse settings-->additional mouse settings; toggled turn of click lock on-and then off (It was off earlier - I don't use the click lock). those steps or some magic seems to have resolved stuck left-click issue for now. 


alright.. issue comes back

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Test the September 6, 2022 released Touchpad firmware update 2022.08.15.01

Test the September 30, 2022 released Touchpad firmware update 2022.9.13.1

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The trackpad keeps clicking on its own. Tried resetting and everything. Sometimes even the top function keys stop working. One time I had worked an entire day without function keys. Tried everything from running of Safe Mode and Dell support had also concluded keyboard needed replacement.


Sadly, I'm in the Maldives and support here is not easy. I'm stuck with the XPS Plus. But very unhappy with this laptop.


In addition to the above reply from Dell-Chris M regarding the touchpad firmware update, did you install the latest BIOS update 1.7.1 ? 


If still under warranty, click the "Get help now" icon on the right to start a live chat session.
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Joining the club, with 10 days old machine...

I'm having the same issue here. The touchpad keep clicking & laptop becomes unusable.

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Hi guys,

to give you an update. I have had support replacing the touch pad or better to say the entire hand rest, for which they literary need to take out everything. Unfortunately I needed to have it replaced twice as the new spare part was broken. When the technician finished his work, the feedback was completely missing but at least I could use my laptop as it was not randomly clicking. Then after the second replacement everything is now working fine for a week. I will keep you posted if that changed. So really forget about resetting the bios or reinstalling windows. Its most probably a hardware defect and get it replaced. 




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I am having a similar issue. The trackpad seems to get stuck in the down position, particularly in the bottom left corner, and continually selects everything on the screen (making it impossible to work) 

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i had the same problem as wel: after a week, the haptic click disappeared and got replaced by some weird noise. When the laptop was cold (eg getting out of its bag after travel), touchpad would completely stop working, and it started working (a bit) again after letting it warm up.

It got replaced today. Now i don't have a fingerprint sensor anymore, and the touchpad is working a bit better: when i click in the middle i get the normal haptic feedback, but when i click on the edge i get the weird noise. Sometimes mouse button is stuck.

I filed another support ticket now.



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Joining the club of recent Dell XPS 13 Plus 9320 owners with malfunctioning touchpad.

Abysmal experience purchasing the most expensive Dell laptop in this category, waiting one month for the delivery and not being able to use it for work.

Has XPS Plus become a cheap leisure laptop segment? 

Running Ubuntu OS no differently from other reports on Windows, the laptop's touchpad is often stuck for *seconds* on the pressed position. Occasionally it starts clicking on its own repeatedly, meanwhile making a ticking sound and vibration. Only switching off the laptop will temporarily recover the functionality.

What worries me the most is that even the documented hardware replacements don't solve this problem. What's got wrong with Dell? Do you know XPS is supposed to be a business line? RELIABLE hardware for people who need it for work??

This experience is a deep dent into my trust in Dell brand for business.

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