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XPS 15 9560 + X-Rite i1 Display Pro + Dell Premiere Color

It's unbelievable that there are STILL problems with DPC.

I recently bought a Datacolor Spyder 5 express to calibrate the screen. Uninstalled DPC and it did it's job, but it lacked a lot of controls and the color temperature was too warm.

So i changed it for an X-Rite i1 Display Pro, after having seen that it is compatible with DPC! I plugged it in, and started the calibration using DPC in the appropiate section (advanced -> calibration wizard).

Results? All color managed applications are fully blown out! Almost all white, like if gamma was set to the highest gamma possible or something like that. Colors were off too: gray looked like blue. I didn't install the xrite software, just using DPC.

It's unbellivable that DELL's top-end product has still problems with color calibration since 2016!

How can i solve this?

I am now updating nvidia and intel drivers, then bios. 

P.S. if i use xrite propietary software, after having uninstalled DPC, it almost ok. But blacks are too clipped, like if there is too much contrast, and i can't find a way to bring a bit of black details up. Even if i calibrate it at 250 nits. This is starting to get very annoying.

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Why using Dell premiere color?
I don't think you need this if you want to achieve good calibration.

Hi judge, thanks for the quick reply :)

I used it's calibration wizard function just to give it a try, and it was bugged. I'ts really annoying on a top end product to have bugged software..

Now i have updated intel graphics and bios to the latest versions, gave DPC another try and still bugged.

I'm uninstalling it and now i will try to use Dell UltraSharp Calibration Solution, that is pretty much the same as xrite's propietary software..

However If blacks are still to dark, i don't really know how to solve this.

I don't really understand why you are experiencing issues. With no Dell software, just the xrite software all should be ok.
But... Does your screen still have CABC (Content Adaptive Brightness Control) enabled? If yes you cannot calibrate your screen, you must disable it first.

Just re-read your first post.
If your blacks are too black, you can define yourself a black level target in xrite software. I believe by default it is set to "native".

Where can i find that setting? It would be great. I only find:

screen type, white point, luminance, gamma

However, at the moment, after having removed DPC and updated bios & intel i think it is starting to work with just the Dell UltraSharp Calibration Solution (re-branded xrite software) ahaha

You mentioned disabling ADC.. if i do so then during calibration it asks me to edit contrast and other things via display controls. How can i do that?

Follow this tutorial : https://www.damiensymonds.net/cal_i1DP_mac.html

Don't use ADC. You will only have to set brightness, contrast will be set to "native".

In the tutorial, just don't follow the advice to set white point to "native", leave at default "D65".

Ok, ill try the tutorial. Should i leave White LED or change it to RGB? The 4k panel is a wide gamut ips one, but i don't really know the backlit type.

White led.

Here we go again.. yesterday night it was working.. good colors and i was able to see all the first row of black boxes here at the lagom lcd test: http://www.lagom.nl/lcd-test/black.php

Now all the first row is gone. I tried to recalibrate it but blacks are still to dark.

This happened right now, after i booted up the pc.

(Moreover, while staring at the black screen on the lagom.nl site i spotted an all-red dead pixel. Very small because it's a 4k 15" screen, but it's annoying. Just to say.. when the laptop was delivered to me about a month ago, the screen had some black halos on the left side, like if backlight was a bit defective.. after having applied a small pressure (just some grams) with a stack of a4 printer paper during night, they disappeared. This laptop is giving me a lot of troubles with this freaking screen)

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