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XPS 15-9570, after 3 months, freezes


I just got my XPS 9570 3 months ago and it started to freeze. There were couple times that the laptop froze in the last months but now the laptop freezes every time I use the laptop. I scanned my laptop in SupportAssist and all tests came out clean. However, when I checked the history, there were a couple red texts that states "Hardware Scan Result(Manual) - Full scan - Abnormal Exit: Video Card - Abnormal Exit". I did another test which resulted in "Hardware Scan Result(Manual) - BSOD - No Device: Video Card- No Device". I don't know if this is the reason for the freezing though. Do you guys have any suggestion? or should I send it to Dell for them to fix it.


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Re: XPS 15-9570, after 3 months, freezes

For my notes, click my DELL-username and via private message send me the PC service tag number.


* Open the Device Manager
* Open Display adapters
* What does it show there?



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