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XPS 17 9710 windows 11 touchpad

My brand new XPS 17 came with Windows 11 pre-installed. The touchpad has been working erratically. I have looked on the Dell website for updated drivers and found none. Device Manager does not list a touchpad, it lists an HID-compatible mouse with a 2006 Microsoft driver. I have disabled the driver and the same one reinstalls. I have gone into the settings and found the touchpad and changed some settings to make it work a bit better but it is still unacceptable.

When will a touchpad driver be available and how will I install it since the operating system acts like it is a mouse, not a touchpad?






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Have you looked in Control Panel as generally the Dell touchpad app is in there.

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Windows 11 does not have "control panel" it has "settings" that is where I changed some touchpad configurations but the pad is still erratic.



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I have been having a similar issue with my 9710 (still on Windows 10). Touchpad is randomly laggy and unresponsive. Restarting usually temporarily fixes it but it always come back. Been happening for about a week. Mouse works fine.


I think this should be because Dell has not handled the boundary problem at the software level. or hardware design flaws. When the touchpad is in a accurate state, the left and right 8.2mm area is not available(https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-us/000184090/xps-9700-precision-5750-touchpad-functional-area#.... When the touchpad is laggy, the full touchpad area Available.

When the touchpad is in a precise state, you can move it up and down in the left and right 8.2mm area, and there is a chance that it will change to a laggy state

This problem should not be difficult to reproduce. Dell engineer, if this is a software bug and you don't know how to fix this problem, why not release a version of the firmware that is available in all area, so that there is no need to deal with boundary problems at the software level. Maybe this problem is solved?

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I had a similar issue on my XPS 17. 
My fix is thanks to Dell's "Vinay from the Dell Social Media team" who had me adjust the touchpad to "high sensitivity" -- for Windows 11, tap your Windows key and type in TOUCHPAD > expand section TAPS > change touchpad sensitity to MOST SENSITIVE.

For me, with testing about 100 "left-finger click&hold and right-finger drag and then right-finger lift to continue dragging" I had only 2 times when an item dropped prematurely with the right-finger lift (despite the left-finger still doing a hold).

At this point, I'm feeling good about this high-sensitivity setting being a solution for me.

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I'm honestly getting quite down about this. I have gone through Dell support and had a new touchpad, a new screen, a full replacement - and then another refund and re-purchase.

I am STILL having this issue.

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