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XPS 9310 - Bluetooth lag with Logitech MX Keys + MX Master 3

My XPS 13 9310 has Bluetooth issues just like my previous XPS 9360

I just received the laptop and updated all drivers, bios and Windows - Everything is up to date. 

Connect my keyboard and mouse and off we go. Awesome laptop - If you don't mind your mouse getting stuck for 2-3 seconds. Or typing a few characters behind.

In the beginning with my 9360 I had a similar problem - Though I remember only turning off some mouse settings and that solved it. Now - can't figure out why out of the box a $2K laptop cannot perform as it should. 


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My gut feel on this is that it's a problem somewhere between Intel and Microsoft. Because it's related to the Bluetooth going idle (I haven't found anyone that reports to the contrary), there's something between the operating system and the driver that's wrong.

I've been following this thread for a while and have the same issue.

I also get issues with the display going off randomly. Does anyone get this?


I had the same problem, but it went away after I switched from the Dell graphics drivers to the Intel drivers. There are a bunch of threads here that talk about potential solutions. That was the one that worked for me.

Thank. Which version of the driver ? How you did it ?

Same issue here : https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Hardware-and-Upgrade-Questions/Bluetooth-Mouse-and-Keyboard-l... (HP PC)

So, I think is has to be an issue with the BIOS. Maybe the Intel code or the Dell code.

I can reproduce the exact same behavior booting my Dell XPS9310 under Ubuntu Linux 20.04. The issue remains so no Windows driver is involved in that.

The mouse goes into some sleep mode after a few seconds and needs 1-2sec. to wake up again. Which is extremely annoying.

Also while using the mouse, there are some lags here and there where the mouse just stutters for a second. I will try the mouse on a Inspiron 14 5000 with an 11th-gen i5.

I have no idea who can solve the issue. Dell, Intel or Logitech. But Logitech also just responds with a "restart your computer" message.

Maybe it helps if everyone also contacts Logitech.



Ok, I can also reproduce the issue with the Inspiron 14 5000 with an 11th gen i5. I can not reproduce it with an HP Spectre 8th gen, YogaBook Atom and Lenovo Intel 6th gen.

Ok, so I did more tests.

With a Logitech UltraThin mouse, I can not reproduce the issue. The mouse connects with an older bluetooth version and does not seem to support bluetooth low energy.

With a HP Spectre 700 mouse, the issue can be reproduced, also 100% on both laptops! The XPS 9310 and the Inspiron 14 5406. It is not unique to Logitech!

So it seems to be an BIOS issue (or hardware issue?) with maybe bluetooth low energy input devices...

Someone from Dell-Cares got in contact with me...but I don't know if that leads to anything. But it is a clear bug in the Dell BIOS or hardware.

Hi, Did someone try to downgrade Windows to a older version, like 1909 ?

I believe someone did that in the first few pages of this thread

Yapp, that was me, I downgraded. See page 9 on the bottom. Still on Windows 1909. This "fixed" the issues for me MOSTLY. Not completely. I will stay on Windows 1909, don't have the nerves to experiment further. 

I recorded some videos, you can use them as a reference if you want.


@Marcus St wrote:

...I can reproduce the exact same behavior booting my Dell XPS9310 under Ubuntu Linux 20.04. The issue remains so no Windows driver is involved in that...

I have the same issue in 20.10 (XPS13 9300)  both MX Keys and Master 3 occasionally hiccup for a split second, especially after a (even a rather short) period of inactivity...

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