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XPS 9360 Display Problems






I have a Dell XPS 9360 its a Core i7 with 16GB RAM and a 512 Toshiba PCIe SSD and the QHD touch screen. My warranty expired AUG 29th and today I got home opened my XPS and all I would get was a black screen with the backlight (Keyboard and Display) on for about 20 seconds then it would turn off. this was plugged into the ac adapter I tried without as well but the same thing. So I held down on the bios key and the Dell logo came up but it had many horizontal lines that would flash in and out through it but they were any around the Dell logo never far from it. and once I got in the bios it had many of these lines through it but they would flash in and out but after about 10 seconds the bios flashed to black this happened over and over I could do a few things then it would restart. I then held escape to get to recovery options and the same thing except for a few times it boots into windows and I was able to connect it to an external display and use it as normal on the external display the touchscreen worked as well just no display. I also tried changing settings while in windows with the resolution and refresh rate when I did that the display would come back temporarily after the change for about 5 seconds then when to black again. I don't think its the Intel GPU because an external display works just fine, I don't think its the physical display or display cable because it's not consistent and only occurs around active pixels but I could be completely off base there, and I don't think its a driver issue since the same thing happens in the bios and diagnostic mode as well as windows. one other thing I did in the display test by holding D and there were no lines it was perfect so I'm kind of lost at this point. 


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