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XPS 9365 locks up in tablet mode

I've had a XPS 9343 for four years and decided to upgrade to a 2-in-1 to take advantage of the tablet mode. It's been nothing short of a complete disappointment. Since day one my XPS 9365 consistently locks up in the tablet mode a few minutes after switching. The screen stops responding at all. Switching back into a laptop mode sometimes brings it back to life and sometimes I need to reboot altogether. To make things worse, while in the tablet mode one has to pull the screen down to initiate a reboot after holding the power button for a few seconds. With the screen not responding this is impossible. The only solution is to keep pressing the power button for a long time; the laptop shuts off eventually.

The laptop has been rebuilt several times, both with the Dell recovery image and with a plain vanilla Windows 10 from Microsoft. The end results are the same. The drivers and the BIOS are up to date, of course.

Either I have a lemon laptop (thank you Dell) or the entire family is buggy. Does anyone else seeing the same problems?

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What did Dell Support do about this? You do have a warranty that you should have used immediately when the computer was new and before all the re-installs. Dell Support should work with you to determine if you have a hardware problem which is still covered by warranty. 

Did you see this guide to your model? 


Dell support made me run a bunch of SupportAssist tests that showed nothing. And that was it.

I might consider the video driver to be involved.  Also, can you rotate the screen and the desktop turns with it?

I don't really understand your comment about pulling the screen down.  When you say tablet mode, are you referring to the configuration of the 2-in-one or the Desktop/tablet presentation where it shows the Start Menu only..

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When the laptop is in the tablet mode (flipped inside out, so to speak) and the power button is held for 4 seconds a panel slides from the top of the screen, stops at the middle and the message "slide down to shut down your PC" appears. Since the screen is not responsive I can't slide the panel down. As I said, the only solution is to keep pressing the power button down for a long time. Eventually the laptop shuts down.

I have the 7th generation processor version of the 9365 and never seen that problem.  If you are still in warranty, you may want to call support and make sure the problem has been logged.  Since they already went through the testing, it will be up to you as to a visit or send the unit back.

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Thanks for sharing. I"m glad that it's not a wide spread issue. I may have to reach out to Dell again; it's still under warranty.

I still have my old XPS 9343 that is running like a champ 4.5 years later. But I'm really disappointed with the 2-in-1 version. Mine has the i7-8500Y CPU but I doubt that the processor matters in this case.

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