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XPS 9370 wireless printer connectivity

I have an HP printer with wireless connectivity.  My XPS 9370 consistently drops the connection to the printer after a day or so, while other laptops in the house do not.   When I first got the laptop, it had problems with dropping the wifi connection after entering sleep mode, but this was finally fixed through updates of the Killer wifi driver, Dell bios, and Windows10 version.  I am wondering whether the issue with wireless printer connectivity might be related.  When the printer disconnects it shows up as "offline" in a print dialog box.  I have to either reboot the printer, or reboot both the wifi router and printer to restore connectivity.  Has anyone else been experiencing such an issue with this laptop?   

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Re: XPS 9370 wireless printer connectivity

I have an HP 6978 that occasionally does the same thing to me, usually after the printer has gone to sleep. But try this. In Control Panel and Devices and printers, right click on the printer. Choose printer properties then click on advanced. Make sure always available is checked. The following link may help.


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