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XPS 9570 Fast startup False Kernel Errors

Hi, today I opened the Windows 10 Event Viewer and there were Critical errors. So I checked these errors and I can see that every time I shut down the system at next reboot there are 2 sequential errors:

Kernel-Boot 29

Kernel-Power 41 (63)

This doesn't happen if I restart but only after shutdown... So every time I shut down my System and after I switch on again these errors are generated. For your information my system is working really good, I have no KP, no Blue screen, no abnormal shutdown but is works very very good. I started to investigate and if I switch off under Windows 10 Power Settings "Turn on fast startup (recommended)" I have no KP errors anymore. My Boot time doesn't change ( it is around 20 seconds ) maybe the Shutdown time decreases but very little. I tried both 1.6.0 Bios and 1.5.0 and I didn't change any settings in the Bios setup, and if I look all settings seem correct. Please can you tell me if you have also KP with faststartup on your XPS 9570 ? Thanks.

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Re: XPS 9570 Fast startup False Kernel Errors

This page may help and it appears that it has to do with the power settings of your system.


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Re: XPS 9570 Fast startup False Kernel Errors

I know this but it is different. I ask to other users if they can check their systems and let me know.

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