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XPS 9570 + Ubuntu 18 fan issues

I'm using XPS with dual boot Ubuntu 18 and Windows 11.

There is one thing that drives me crazy as **bleep**. It affects only Ubuntu but I guess it's because temperatures on Ubuntu are generally lower than on Win. When the laptop is plugged in the temperature is about +10C higher than on battery, but that's fine. The annoying thing is how fan deals with that temperature. It turns on for a 2-3 seconds with moderate speed, then turns off for another 2-3 seconds, and then turns on again. Over and over again.

Does anyone experience that too? Is there any way to stop the fan from driving me crazy either by forcing it to work on constant speed or by making it less sensitive to temperature changes?

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Re: XPS 9570 + Ubuntu 18 fan issues

Hi, I'm having a similar issue. Did you have a chance to rectify this?

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Re: XPS 9570 + Ubuntu 18 fan issues

You are not alone.

I have the same issue. Just on windows. And I described it in 



In the latest post today, I linked some other guys with similarly described issues.

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