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I have purchased a dell XPS 15 - 9560 on November 2017 From Computer Care (204, Al Ain Centre, Bur Dubai Mankhool Road Dubai. U.A.E.)
I am an Indian citizen and living in India. I was using this XPS 15 without any issues till August. After that the screen of my laptop started showing some issues. Ther was a slight shadow on the left side of the screen. Eventually it started increasing the area of shadow and both left and right side of the screen started showing gray bleeding like shadows permanently.
So I contacted Dell India. They said that I won't get warranty for this laptop because it is not under international warranty. So I contacted "Computer Care", Dubai from where I purchased the item and they told me to send the laptop to them , so that they can take care.

According to that I sent the laptop to them and gave them the pictures that shows bleeding like shadows (Took during Built In Self Test). They received my laptop, gave me an acknowledgement and said that it will take 10-15 days.

Now, the problem is, they are saying that the dell service center rejected the service because my laptop doesn't have any display issue. I know dell and its policies. It is not the first time I'm dealing with dell products. I have had delightful and lovely experiences from dell before. Now I want to know why my laptop service got rejected. I am facing that display issue for the past 3 months and I am not comfortable with a premium segment laptop showing such kind of hardware issues. And I will not send such a product to another country without any reason. I sent it because there is a defective part in my laptop and it is under warranty. I want it to be fixed.
How can you guys help?

Thanks in Advance


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Re: XPS Service

Since Dell has no corporate presence in the UAE, all sales/service/support is through independent dealers (you'll need to ask them why they rejected service -- they would have made that decision -- not Dell).

You do have another option:  transfer the remainder of your warranty to India, where Dell does have service and support directly.  For that you MUST upgrade to onsite service (it'll likely cost you $200 or the equivalent now to do that) -- once that's done and you've registered the system, Dell India will service it.


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