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September 21st, 2023 14:24

LGA 1700 adapter

Does Alienware/Dell have an adapter to use the LGA 1151 cooler on the LGA 1700 Socket

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22-09-2023 01:24 AM

Post a pic or link to your cooler 1st, + make/model/CPU of PC to be certain. If it's a classic heatsink-fan or 'fan-sink', dunno ... but Alienware 'almost' exclusively used Asetek as their AIO liquid CPU cooler supplier & yes, retention ring kits normally in stock at Asetek Amazon Store

They were all marked as 'Currently Unavailable' as at least of a few days ago (which is odd, maybe Taiwan supply shortage etc), so owners should clik the link above or eBay


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22-09-2023 13:14 PM

Dell models that use LGA 1700 (intel 12th gen) include Aurora R13, Optiplex 7000, Inspiron 3910.  R13 uses both AIO and pancake air cooler, Optiplex and Inspiron both use pancake.  there is option to use premium tower style air cooler in Optiplex too.  It is unclear whether the pancake cooler is any different from previous LGA1151 cooler.  If I have to guess they are basically the same.  Dell does not redesign its oem LGA1700 cooler to adjust for different Z height of 1700 socket.

Optiplex cooler

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22-09-2023 20:17 PM

What kind of cooler are we talking about here?

Dell often uses the same mounting standard between Intel and AMD systems and changes the position of the cold plate on the CPU cooler. This is different from retail cooling solutions, who have different mounting brackets pending what socket is it used on.

So if you are trying to use a Alienware cooler on a retail system you are going to run into mounting issues.


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