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March 22nd, 2015 10:00

Edit the Product Name on Alienware 17 R2 BIOS

Hello everyone,
I received technical intervention on my Alienware 17 R2 some days ago, the Dell technician replaced my defective frontal speakers and also motherboard, when rebooting the system he entered again my Service Tag on the BIOS but I think he did something wrong and now the BIOS shows Alienware 15 instead of Alienware 17 R2 as Product Name, I know there are different ways to edit these parameters, I'm asking you guys help or a software / tool to fix this error.

 TL;DR: I need to edit the Product Name on BIOS to change it from Alienware 15 to Alienware 17 R2.

I'm attaching a picture.

Thanks in advance for your help

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March 22nd, 2015 17:00

That's just the DMI entry in the BIOS as the BIOS is the same for both machines. The DMI Tables for A00 and A02 show 0x06 System Information (Type 1) text strings default as..

1. Alienware
2. Alienware 15
3. A02
4. (BLANK)
5. Alienware 15
6. (BLANK)

You can change that if you want to play with the DMI Table, but I would just leave it if you don't know how to change DMI Tables, you can do more harm. The DMI Stores your Service tag, asset tag (If any), and other strings including Windows Activation certificates. But it also stores RAM info, HDD info, and other important things.. When he entered your service tag, he probably just hit enter on Model Name and if defaulted to Token 0x0B03 (Alienware 15) instead of Token 0x0B04 (Alienware 17 R2)..

Won't do anything unless you run diagnostic software and it reads the wrong product in DMI, but its just a text string and doesn't affect system performance. All the AW15 tools work with AW17 R2 so they won't be affected by the wrong system name, or product ID it the software looks in the DMI for the Product ID.

Why take the risk and possibly loose your Windows activation, or other issues if the DMI becomes corrupt. You can try to manually flash and see if it will update, but if the DMI is already set to AW15, it may not as a lot of bios updates don't touch DMI unless specifically told to..

There are freeware tools to do it, but I can't mention the official AMI tool to do it, and the freeware ones might write bad info to System Info (Type 1) and Base Board Information (Type 2). That's where its stored.

Heres mine dumped without service tag.. A02. As you can see, its just text strings and not important.

R/W Means Read or Write. As it's a dump, they're all R..
               Name                         R/W  Status  Information
------------------------------------------------  ---    --------  -------------------
BaseBoardHandle = "0001h" (Type 1)
(/IVN)BIOS vendor name.            R    Done   "Alienware"
(/IV)BIOS version                        R    Done   "A02"
(/ID)BIOS release date                R    Done   "02/11/2015"
(/SM)System manufacture          R    Done   "Alienware"
(/SP)System product                  R    Done   "Alienware 17 R2"
(/SV)System version                  R    Done   "A02"
(/SS)System Serial number       R    Done   "REMOVED"
(/SU)System UUID                    R    Done   "REMOVED"
(/SK)System SKU number        R    Done   "Alienware 15"
(/SF)System Family                  R    Done   "Alienware 17 R2"
(/BM)Baseboard manufacturer  R    Done   "Alienware"
(/BP)Baseboard product           R    Done   "Alienware 17 R2"
(/BV)Baseboard version            R    Done   "X04"
(/BS)Baseboard Serial number R    Done   "REMOVED"
(/BT)Baseboard Asset Tag       R    Done   ""
(/BLC)BB. Loc. in Chassis        R    Done   "To Be Filled By O.E.M."

BaseBoardHandle = "0002h" (Type 2)
(/BMH)Baseboard manufacturer  R    Done   "Alienware"
(/BPH)Baseboard product            R    Done   "Alienware 17 R2"
(/BVH)Baseboard version            R    Done   "X04"
(/BSH)Baseboard Serial number R    Done   "REMOVED"

June 30th, 2015 15:00

I had a replacement motherboard for my a17.  However i have same issue as product name states alienware 15. It's good to hear it won't effect performance however I initially had lots of driver issues. Alienware fx wound t work as it thought the system was a alienware 15. I'm contacting aliebware support as if like it correcting. If I sell in the future a prospective buyer would query it as an issue.

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July 1st, 2015 02:00

dont worry, the alienware 15 and 17 R2 mainboard are the same !
if you disassembly a bit ... behind the RAM you will see a hole without a screw that say "only for alienware 15" hahaha funny

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